Excessive force used on the media, Live streaming is apparently a crime.
I consent for these photos to be reused. ckaydrp@gmail.com for media contacts.

this is unedited, and i will work on it when i have time. i am very sick with some illness i caught in jail, visiting a lot of doctors, and am in a lot of pain. its also very painful to type. please be patient as i am publishing and updating. thank you.

UPDATE: My doctor has determined my injury is similar to acute carpel tunnel syndrome. If feeling does not return in two weeks, sensory nerve testing will be conducted. As of today, I have shooting pains in my thumbs, arms, and hands. I still can not feel parts of my palm. The nerve may be damaged. I am pretty traumatized, do not want to leave my house, and find myself pretty depressed & not wanting to discuss my treatment inside jail. I feel mostly scared, and hope this feeling passes.

Written by STREAMER: CK

I was tossed between three officers during my arrest. The first was an Asian Officer who did not want to properly identify himself, nor did he give me the opportunity to look at his name tape. Instead, prior to arresting me, he flashed a strobe light in my eyes, causing  momentary blindness. I notified him that I had a history of seizures, but he did not stop flashing his light. When he pulled me forward, he told me to put my hands behind my back, which I did. My hands could not reach around my back pack, and he told me to quit resisting. He placed the left flexicuff on my hand, tightening it completely down. When I told him I couldn’t reach around my back, he said he couldn’t hear me. There was a scuffle behind me, and soon, another officer took over my arrest. I notified him the battery needed to be unplugged, he ignored me. I told him the left cuff was too tight, he ignored me. I asked him why I was being arrested, he ignored me. He told me to take my back pack off, and than allowed me to turn my phone off. The secondary arresting officer put the second flexi cuff on, and sat me down on the curb with hundreds of other protestors. I told the young officer in front of me that my flexicuffs were too tight and that I needed them switched. They responded by saying I would be moved to have my bags checked and be processed next. I was moved, and again, notified my officer that I required medication and that the cuffs were too tight. He said that it would only take a few minutes to get to the jail, and that I would be out of them soon. By this time, I had lost all feeling in my arms up to my forearms. When I asked the officer to unplug my battery, he politely did. He also dumped out all the water from my camelbak, which was great. But, when I asked the officer for my California ID and Credit Card, his response was “You will not need it”. He did hand me my phone, and my keys though. After my camera bag (which has over $1,000 worth of equipment in it) was thrown into the bottom of the pile.

I was moved to the bus. Where I again notified the officer my hand cuffs were too tight. He responded that he could not cut them off, and they did not have scissors to do so. A woman earlier, was given a splint for her hand, with the flexi cuffs placed over he wrist. He also assured me that we would be at the prison in 5 minutes. We did not arrive at the prison for almost an hour. In the bus, the girls managed to very creatively take photos of my wrists. At one point, the pain became so unbearable, that I began slamming my head against the window of the bus.

The girls began chanting “she needs medical attention”, “her hands keep turning blue”, “they’re cutting into her wrists”. Finally, 5 hours later, the bus pulled into Santa Rita. The Driver told me to stand by the door, and proceeded to drive while I was standing. Thank goodness I didn’t fall down. They finally took me inside making snarky comments like “this will teach you to protest again”, and threw me up against the wall. The cuffs were so tight, that the Sheriffs had to jam the scissors between my skin and flexi cuff to remove them. They pressed the scissors against the damaged nerve, causing an immense amount of pain. I screamed, and begged, and pleaded for them to stop hurting me and help. They told me that it wasn’t that bad, I was going to drive myself into hysteria, as well as some other comments. I told the nurse about my bacterial infection, my stomach ulcers, and that I was no longer able to feel my hands. The officer than grabbed my breasts, and sent me to my cell. There I waited for 23 hours. The Sheriff denied me medication, denied me a phone call,  I was unable to eat food without medication, with the air conditioner running at all times, there were 24 girls deep in a 12x10 room, and held myself in excess of 6 hours than my peers for asking for medical treatment. I was told I was going to see a nurse. I never saw a nurse. 

I was greeted by a group of people. I was lethargic, tired, and very confused. There was food, drinks, and some other goodies. At this point I realized, no ID and no credit card. 

The next day I went to the ER. Extremely fatigued, without medication, food, water, and in pain for over 48 hours without treatment. The XRays showed a significant amount of soft tissue damage. The nurse recommend seeing a hand surgeon if feeling didn’t return to my hand soon. I followed up with my doctor today, who gave me medication for nerve pain. I am also seeking psychological help because I have a melt down every time I see an officer of the law. 

Oakland PD took me hostage, kidnapped me, molested me, and robbed me. I went into the streets of Oakland without money, or identification.

I now understand why the people of Oakland hate the police. It took being arrested  to finally understand the feeling behind “Fuck the Police”.